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NEW! Cryopen Cryosurgery Device

** SPECIAL OFFER ** CryoPen B Cryosurgery Device (S-HO-CBPE-XX-00)

Cryopen 23.5g Cartridges for Cryopen B (Pack of 6) (S-HO-NO23-12-S06)

Product Code: S-HO-NO23-12-S06
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** SPECIAL OFFER ** CryoPen B Cryosurgery Device (S-HO-CBPE-XX-00)

- Discontinued -

Click Here to see a video of plantar wart treatment.

A revolution in cryotherapy, CryoPen | B is incredibly versatile and is supplied with a standard tip for treatment of lesions 2mm to 6mm diameter.. It is highly accurate over conventional liquid nitrogen treatments, which often affect surrounding healthy tissue in addition to the treatment area. Cryopen allows you to treat the lesion only with the minimum amount of hassle.

Ideal for use on warts, skin tags, fibromas, papillomas, hermangiomas, liver spots and similar types of lesion.

Features and Benefits

  • Full control with on / off switch
  • Highly accurate method of application so only the afflicted area is frozen, leaving surrounding healthy tissue unaffected
  • Greater freezing power at -89°C
  • High pressure cryogen for deeper penetration
  • Comes with standard white dot applicator tip for treating lesions from 2mm to 6mm
  • No storage equipment needed for the cryogen, which is stored in cartridges at room temperature
  • Accepts both 23.5g cartridges
  • Extremely gas efficient
  • Ergonomic and refined design with aluminium housing
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Supplied complete with protective carry case
  • CE Marked

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