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Urgosorb (Alginate / Hydrocolloid) 2g Rope Dressing x 5

Product Code: 293-8421

       £16.91 ex. VAT
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Notation: GSL (DT)
Presentation: Rope Dressing
Strength/Size: 2g
Pack Size: x 5


293-8421 Urgosorb Aglinate / Hydrocolloid Rope Dressing 2g (Pack of 5) (501672)

Alginate and hydrocolloid dressing - absorbent calcium alginate dressing.

Features and Benefits

  • In contact with wound exudate, Urgosorb dressing gelifies and provides quicker cleansing
  • Urgosorb absorbs the exudate from highly exuding wounds and maintains a moist environment which creates the condition that favour the healing process
  • Urgosorb absorbs vertically only, with no lateral migration of the exudate. The surrounding skin is thus respected and protected from any risk of maceration
  • Urgosorb gels, softening and draining the necrotic debris during the sloughy and granulation stages of the moist necrosis
  • Urgosorb can be removed easily, painlessly and in one go
  • Urgosorb's high conformability enables to adapt instantly to the surface of the wound
  • Through platelet activation, Urgosorb dressing favours primary haemostasis of acute and chronic bleeding wounds


Synergy of two natural polymers - incorporation of hydrocolloid particles (carboxy-methyl cellulose) in a mesh of calcium alginate fibre.


Urgosorb is indicated for the local treatment of exuding and bleeding wounds, at the sloughy and granulation stages.


Urgosorb is contraindicated for the endo-nasal area in rhino-sinusitis surgery, third degree burns, surgical implants, and control of heavy bleeding.


For detailed specifications download the Urgosorb Specifications sheet.