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Micro Medical Baby CO Monitor (BC01)

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BC01 Micro Medical Baby CO Carbon Monoxide Monitor

The Baby CO is a powerful diagnostic tool for measuring alveolar Carbon Monoxide in PPM concentrations.

This is measured simply from the mother’s expired breath. From this measurement the amount of Carbon Monoxide in the foetus is derived and is represented as foetal Carboxyhaemoglobin (%FCOHB). The mother’s CO concentration in PPM will then be displayed, along with the foetal %COHB.


  • Detects Carbon Monoxide
  • Concentration range: 0–500ppm
  • Sensitivity: 1ppm
  • Operating range: 0–40 degrees Celsius
  • Operating pressure: Atmospheric ± 10%
  • Hydrogen cross-sensitivity: <5%
  • Sensor life: 2-5 years
  • Sensor drift: <2% per month
  • 31/2 digit custom LCD Display
  • Power supply: Single 9V PP3
  • Weight: 160gm
  • Weight (Packed): 1kg
  • Dimensions: 170 x 60 x 26mm
  • Indicator levels: green - 0 - 6ppm; amber - 7-10ppm; red - >11 - 20ppm; Flash red and audio alarm 20ppm and over

Formerly manufactured by MicroMedical, which is now CareFusion.