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ESP Choking Manikin Child (ZKM-443-S)

Product Code: ZKM-443-S

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ESP Choking Manikin Child (ZKM-443-S)

Completely realistic manikin, life-size head and upper torso allows practice of abdominal thrust, chest thrust, and back blow procedures for clearing FBAOs.

Features and Benefits

  • Manikin are made with specially selected durable vinyl to create tactile realism
  • When correct clearing procedures are performed, the manikin will expel the object causing the obstruction
  • The choking objects provided make excellent practice obstructions
  • Each manikin has a ribcage, xiphoid process, and jugular notch to provide anatomical reference points for the demonstration of hand placement for CPR technique. This aids in learning the physical shifts necessary


  • Manikin include choking objects, shirt, and soft carry bag