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ESP Hospital Training Doll (ZKJ-324-C)

Product Code: ZKJ-324-C

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ESP Hospital Training Doll (ZKJ324C)

A life size doll, about 174cm long, for both basic handling and treatments training. Constructed from durable washable plastic, the stainless steel joints are robust and closely mimic the natural range of human movement. The doll will also sit up without support.

Included with each doll are:

  • Partial dentures to upper and lower jaws
  • Injection pads for intramuscular and hypodermic injections
  • Interchangeable male and female genital organs for catheterisation
  • Amputation stump for the right thigh
  • Major internal organs and orifices with waterproof connections for irrigation of stomach, rectum, intestines (colostomy), bladder, vagina and ears
  • Oral and nasal intubation can be carried out and a tracheotomy opening is present


  • The doll is supplied with a small spares kit, talc, petroleum jelly and spray lubricant.