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Clement Clarke Flutter Mucus Clearance Device (3102000)

Product Code: 3102000

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3102000 Clement Clarke Flutter Mucus Clearance Device

For sufferers of chest congestion, the Flutter offers a simple and convenient method of bringing relief from discomfort. It is recognised as an effective method to reduce the complications associated with excess mucus production. The user simply exhales several times into the mouthpiece, causing the ball to vibrate, the vibrations travelling back into all branches of the lungs. This loosens the mucus and

Excessive mucus in the lungs not only makes breathing more difficult, but leads to infection and lung damage. Stressful and strenuous coughing may help to clear obstructions, but this is not pleasant for the sufferer or the relatives.

Among the various conditions in which it has a role, the Flutter is also suitable for Bronchiectasis. Bronchiectasis is a permanent abnormal widening in one or more of the airways. Mucus tends to form and pool in parts of the airways that are widened, resulting in discomfort and potential infection.

Features and Benefits

  • An effective alternative to physiotherapy
  • Small, portable device
  • Easy to clean by simple washing
  • Easy-to-use
  • Low cost and effective option for mucus clearance
  • Short sessions required for maximum effectiveness
  • Loosens trapped mucus
  • Keeps airways open
  • At the end of each session, gentle coughing will bring up the loosened mucus


Chronic Bronchitis Pneumothorax
Bronchiectasis Severe Tuberculosis
Emphysema Right Sided Heart Failiure
Asthma Coughing Up Blood
Cystic Fibrosis