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Cardioline ar1200view Electrocardiograph - 12 Channel Digital ECG (80509580)

Product Code: 80509580

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Cardioline ar1200view Electrocardiograph - 12 Channel Digital ECG (80509580)

The ar1200View ECG embodies the features of reliability, modularity, versatility and upgradability that characterise the latest generation of cardioline electrocardiograph with a multi channel ECG recording 120mm with 12 channel LCD colour graphic display TFT.


  • Recording of an ECG in either automatic or manual mode with preprogrammed set up and format
  • Real time visualisation of the ECG signal on a graphic display inmultiple formats: 3, 6, 6+6 ch
  • Printing of the ECG on 120 mm format paper using a high resolution thermal printer
  • Sorting of the tests according to time and date with QWERTY keyboard to manage user and patient data
  • Effects automatic ECG parameter measurement
  • Archive storage of ECG records in a personal computer running cubeecg software (included)
  • Real time display of the 12 lead ECG on PC screen to allow management of patient medical records and archiving of ECG's in digital format using CubeECG software (included)
  • Thanks to the fl exibility of the software used and to the Bluetooth Class I communication the ar1200viewbt can be adapted at any given moment to suit your individual requirements
  • Key features of the ar1200viewbt included as standard Plus: Bluetooth (Class 1) data transmission to PC   
  • QWERTY keyboard for fast data entry
  • Memory option: storage of up to 200 full ECG exams, with no need to print out the ECG

Operational Specifications

  • Leads: 12 Standard or Cabrera
  • Signal memory: 10 seconds for each lead in auto sychronous
  • Recording sensitivity: manual: 2,5 - 5 -10-20 mm/mV ±5%
  • Thermal paper: rolls; height 60mm, length 15m, gridded, pack of  Z-fold: length 30m, page 120x100mm, gridded
  • Writing system: Thermal printer at 8 dot/mm, usable print height 108 mm
  • Print channels: 3/3 + R / 6/12 (manual onlY0
  • Paper transport speed:5-10-12, 5-25-50mm/s ±5%
  • Pacemaker recognition: recognises pulse in accordance with current IEC standards
  • Filters: Mains interference: modified digital notch filter 50-60 Hz, Anti-drift: digital high-pass, 0.5Hz, linear phase, always on, Muscular noise: 3 filters 20, 25 and 35 Hz
  • Display: Visualisation 12 ECG channels, functional parameters, HR (30 - 300), included control signalcolour graphic LCD TFT 480 x 272 pixel effective display area 95.04 x 53.856mm, 9 led back light (4.3")
  • Interpretation program: Parameter calculation, ECG interpretation (optional)
  • Operating modes: Manual: aquisition and printing in real time automatic: simultaneous acquisition timed: acquisition at user defined intervals PC-ECG: real time acquisition with dispay at PC (optional) Paper Saving: Automatic acquisition and archiving without printing

Technical Specifications

  • Mains power supply internal 90-264 V 47/63Hz
  • Battery set of rechargeable NiMH batteries 10x 1.2Vdc; 1800 mAh
  • Internal defibrillation protection
  • Display: LCD 120x32 pixel
  • Capacity: Internal battery: 100 mins in 3 channel mode
  • Dimensions: 320 x 72 x 240 mm (length x height x depth)
  • Weight: 2150gr without paper
  • Classification 93/42/EEC Directive:  lla, CE0476

Package Includes

  • ar1200view ECG
  • Interpretation and Analysis Software
  • ECG Memory
  • CubeECG PC Software
  • Mains power lead
  • 10 Lead patient cable
  • Patient electrode connections
  • 1 x paper pack
  • Carry Case
  • User Guide