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Cardioline Electrocardiograph - Touchecg Package Opt 1 (81019606)

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Cardioline Electrocardiograph - Touchecg Package Opt 1 (81019606)

Touchecg has high performace and it is possible to record and memorise a high number or resting ECG tests. It aso allows full-disclosure ECG monitoring for over 30 minutes. Recorded waveforms can be displayed in real time or printed later on; this allows clinicians to evalute patients with arrhythmias or ischemia, and record post-mortem ECGs.


  • Touchecg provides an interpretation of the electrocardiogram, an ECG measurement table for each lead and, if desired, manual ECG reporting
  • Touchecg is a12-lead resting electrocardiograph based on a high-resolution, touch screen tablet pc and clickecgbt acquisition unit, communicating via bluetooth technology. The system can also be installed on a desktop or a laptop
  • The tablet user interface features large function keys recalling the keys of a traditional electrocardiograph; this makes learning how to use the device quick and user friendly process
  • The screen simultaneously displays all 12 ECG leads in a clear, legible way, thus helping clinicians in their work . It displays up to 150 seconds ECG preview; this helps the choice for the best starting point for acquisition
  • Several A4 printing formats are available; by transferring the test to an ECG management system, it is also possible to operate in paperless mode
  • By means of advanced WIFI connectivity, it is possible to export collected data in multi-formats
  • Simultaneous 12 lead ECG aquisition from patients
  • Small and lightweight (only 100 grams), clickecgbt maximises patient comfort and is robust and easy to use

Operational Specifications

  • Acquisition moduality: 10s automatic, manual, userdefinable 10s - interval buffer
  • Visualisation: 6 or 12 user-selectable leads; sweep speed and waveform display amplitude can be modified
  • Printout: User-selectable
  • Printout formats: A4; different report layouts can be customised
  • Analysis: Automatic intepretation and measurement program
  • Recording storage: Automatic; database included in the program
  • Data export in the following formats: scp, image,(png or jpg) pdf, standard XML, GDT, DICOM (optional)
  • Worklists: worklist management available
  • ECG sampling rate: 500 Hz/16bit channel
  • Signal overload measurement: Independent on each channel
  • Pace-maker detection: hardware detection on leads II, V4 and V5: always on
  • Real-time transmission: wireless bluetooth connection, class 1
  • LED ECG acquisition unit: 1 two colour LED (greenred) for battery ststus testing; 1 LED (blue) for bluetooth connection testing
  • Defibrillation protection: through original patient cable

Technical Specifications

  • Tablet PC: Touch Screen tablet pc, 11.6" screen
  • Processor: intel Atom multi core or superior
  • Memory: 64GB MMC on board, 2GB RAM
  • Communication: BT4.0 w WIFI (802.11abgn)
  • Operating System: Windows 8 32bit
  • Power supply / battery: adapter 40w / 2 cells
  • Acquisition unit power supply: 2 AA batteries, ultra alkaline or NiMh rechargeable (2500mhA minimum)
  • Chassis protection: IP20
  • Applied parts: CF type
  • Classification (EN60601-1): Internally-powered device
  • Class (93/42 EEC Directive): LLa

Package Includes

This configuration is equipped with a tablet pc, touchecg program, clickecgbt acquisition unit with accessories.

  • Touch-screen tablet pc
  • Tablet case
  • "Cardioline 120" carry bag
  • clickecgbt acquisition unit
  • 10-wire patient cable, banana plug
  • Clip electrode set, 4 pcs/set, IEC
  • Suction electrode set, 6 pcs/set
  • def-gel bottle, 260 grams
  • Cardioline ECG measuring ruler
  • clickecg carry bag
  • 1.5V alkaline battery x 2
  • clickecg User Manual
  • touchecg User Manual