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Amplivox Portable High Frequency Tympanometer Otowave 202-H

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Amplivox Portable High Frequency Tympanometer Otowave 202-H

A portable high frequency tympanometer with a comprehensive range of test functions including user defined 226Hz and 1000Hz probe tone impedance measurements and a user programmable range of both ipsi and contra lateral reflex test measurements at 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz and 4kHz.

  • Fast, accurate impedance measurements
  • 1000Hz tympanometry probe tone (202-H)
  • Programmable ipsilateral reflex tests
  • Programmable contralateral reflex tests
  • Separate admittance, susceptance and conductance measurements (202-H)
  • Totally portable
  • Intuitive use
  • Large graphics display
  • User defined results recording options


  • Ease of Use: When testing neonates and children, very fast, accurate middle ear measurements are essential. The advanced technology within the Otowave 202-H makes this possible. The Otowave 202-H is also very intuitive to use with on-screen information displayed before, during and after the automatic test


When using the Otowave 202-H in 226Hz probe tone mode, the compliance peak, compliance peak pressure, gradient and ear canal volume can be measured within seconds. When using the Otowave 202-H in 1000Hz probe tone mode, users can easily select a preferred display by simply pressing the probe function key to switch between:

  • Scalar mode: a traditional admittance tympanogram, as above (Y only compensation)
  • Vector mode: a tympanogram displaying B-G compensation
  • Component mode: the separate admittance (Y), susceptance (B) and conductance (G) measurements are displayed for clinical review

Acoustic reflex measurements

User-defined ipsi and contra lateral reflex test measurements can be easily added to the test sequence to ensure a comprehensive test routine that is completed in the minimum amount of time.

This user programmable acoustic reflex function includes reflex frequency selection, levels and sensitivity. The large display area facilitates a graphical display of the reflex response and a pass/no response result.

Recording results

Results are displayed for review on a large high-resolution graphics display. Results can be:

  • Saved within internal memory with a patient identifier
  • Printed via an infra-red connection to the optional portable printer or PC designated printer via Tympview PC application
  • Transferred via USB to a PC/NOAH database using the optional Amplivox impedance module
  • Usage and portability - Lightweight and compact, the Otowave 202-H is designed to be used as a totally portable ‘go anywhere’ tympanometer and can be used with either alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Additionally the Otowave 202-H can be mains powered if preferred. The Otowave 202-H can also easily be used in a static clinical setting, where its small size is of great benefit when clinic space is at a premium.

Tympanometry measurements

  • Probe tone level and accuracy: 226Hz +/-2%; 85dBSPL +/-2dB 1000Hz +/- 2%; 79dBSPL +/-2dB (202-H only) over ear canal volume range
  • Pressure range and accuracy: +200daPa to -400daPa +/-10daPa or +/-
    10% (whichever is larger) over range 0.1ml
    to 5m


  • Power - Mains: 100-240Vac; 50/60Hz
    via Amplivox mains adapter
    (approved to medical safety standards)
    Batteries: 4 x AA (either Alkaline or
    NiMH, the latter recharged external to
    the instrument)
  • Dimensions: Base unit: 190 long x 85 wide x 40 high (excluding connections) Probe: 130 long x 25 (max) diameter
  • Direction of sweep: Positive to negative
  • Volumetric range and accuracy:  226Hz: 0.2ml to 5ml 1000Hz: 0.1ml to 5ml +/-0.1ml or +/-5% (whichever is larger)
  • Analysis performed: Admittance peak level in ml (226Hz) or mΩ (1000Hz) & pressure at peak; Gradient
    in daPa (for 226Hz); Ear Canal Volume (ECV) @ 200daPa


  • Test cavities
  • Starter pack of disposable ear tips
  • Contralateral transducer
  • 4 x 1.5V Alkaline AA batteries
  • Operating manual and Tympview PC application
  • Amplivox NOAH impedance module
  • USB cable
  • Carrying case
  • Mains adapter