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Mepore Ultra S/Proof 9cm x 30cm Dressing x 24

Product Code: 297-9839

       £72.60 ex. VAT
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Notation: GSL (DT)
Presentation: Dressing
Strength/Size: 9cm x 30cm
Pack Size: x 24


Mepore Ultra Dressing S/Proof 9cm x 30cm (Pack of 24) 297-9839

Mepore Ultra is a self-adhesive, absorbent dressing with an outer film layer protecting the wound from water and contamination. The thin neutral-toned fabric provides your patient with a discreet solution. Mepore Ultra’s bacterial and viral barrier film minimises the risk of wound infection and delayed healing. Mepore Ultra has an absorbent pad which delivers long wear times and means fewer dressing changes.

Areas of Use

A study in the British Journal of Nursing found that through the use of Mepore Ultra “significant cost savings were achieved while maintaining clinical outcomes as part of modern wound management practice.

Mepore Ultra can be used for a wide variety of wounds which have low to moderate exudate levels, including:

  • Surgical wounds
  • Blisters
  • Cuts and grazes
  • Trauma wounds.
  • Minor burns

For high risk patients with fragile skin consider a dressing with
Safetac technology such as Mepilex Border.