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CryoPen Cyrosurgery Device

CryoPen B 2 Applicators - Special HPV (S-HO-CBPLUS-03)

Product Code: S-HO-CBPLUS-03

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CryoPen B 2 Applicators - Special HPV (S-HO-CBPLUS-03)

Rely on the quality of the CryoPen for the effective removal of warts and other skin lesions. The CryoPen is a brilliant device. It is practical, innovative and so easy and safe to use. Little to no preoperative skin preparation is required and postoperative care is unnecessary. With great patient acceptance the CryoPen will directly relate to an increase in the number of cases treated

Excellence in cryotherapy made affordable

With 23.5g cartridges and 1 applicator this instrument is well equipped for the treatment of warts on hands and feet.

2 applicators : White Dot and White dot 60 mm

 Features include

  • Full control with on/off switch
  • Ready for use with 23,5g cartridges
  • With white / silver dot micro-applicator for 4-8mm applications
  • With white  / bronze dot micro-applicator for 7-20mm applications
  • Standard white dot applicator available for treatment of lesions from 2 to 6 mm
  • Very gas efficient

Specifications / Delivered with

  • Forceps for cartidge opener
  • Filter placement
  • user manual
  • Carry case