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Leukosan Leukostrip 6.4mm x 76mm (10x3) (72628)

Product Code: 046-2317

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Leukosan Leukostrip 6mm x 75mm (10x3) (72628)

Leukosan Leukostrip 6mm x 75mm (10x3) (72628)

Wound closure strips are an option for topical skin closure due to their atraumatic painless application, low infection risk and good cosmetic results. Thanks to its knitted elastic fabric, Leukosan Strip represents the latest state of development, adding yet more benefits to the list. The knitted elastic fibres of Leukosan Strip allow the wound to heal without additional trauma to the surrounding skin.

When to use Leukosan Leukostrips

  • Minor injuries such as lacerations or incisions
  • To provide additional tension for wounds closed with intracutaneous sutures
  • Where early replacement of staples or sutures is required to improve cosmetic results
  • Suitable for thin, fragile or sensitive skin


  • Permeable fabric
  • Allows the skin to breathe without moisture colleting under the strip
  • Skin-friendly adhesive
  • Keeps the dressing securely in place
  • Reduces the risk of skin irritation
  • Round edges
  • Prevents rucking
  • Curved polyamide threads
  • Allows the dressing to expand and contract to accommodate oedema, without the risk of blistering

Box of 10 Pouches of 3 strips.