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Brandon Optica LED Wall Mounted Medical Magnifier (OPTICAMDVW)

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Brandon Optica LED  Wall Mounted Medical Magnifier (OPTICAMDVD)

Dimmable wall mounted medical magnifier with 157mm 3.5 diopter lens.

Features and Benefits

  • The large magnifier diameter of 157mm combined with 1.9x (3.5dpt) magnification allows the user to focus on fine details through a large scale view.
  • 6,500°K LEDs ensure less shadow formation and optimal colour rendering.
  • Optica comes with a medical device approved magnifier as standard, and there is an optional UV Woods light. The Woods light is ideal for dermatology and veterinary use.
  • The exceptional Ra of >93 accurately displays the high quality of white light and the R9 value >90 describes how accurately the user can differentiate between red tissues.
  • Reinforced friction joints and an aluminium spring balanced arm allows a broad reach of up to 142cm without the lamp head drifting. This allows smooth handling for users to examine typically harder to reach places with ease.
  • The Woods light uses UV to pick up on skin conditions that may be missed using a standard LED light.
  • Other Woods lights require the room to be completely darkened to use, yet due to powerful BLB LEDs within the WDS light, it can function without this.
  • Optica is an approved medical device, which means that it can be used for a wide range of applications, including (Dermatology, Human medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary medicine, Monitoring sterilized products).


  • Light Intensity (Lux at 0.15m) - 6,000
  • Lens Diameter - 157mm
  • No. of dioptres - 3.5
  • Magnification - 1.9x
  • Colour Rendition Index Ra - >93
  • Colour Rendition Index R13 - >95
  • Colour Rendition (Red) R9 - >90
  • Colour Temperature daylight white - 6,500°K