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Guest NQ65 Wipes Alcohol Free (Tub of 200) (H8712)

Product Code: H8712

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Guest NQ65 Wipes Alcohol Free (Tub of 200) (H8712)

NQ65 Wipes are alcohol and chlorine free single-use wet wipes containing a blend of biocides to both clean and disinfect hard surfaces and equipment.

NQ65 Wipes have enhanced broad-spectrum microbiocidal activity, including virucidal action, which has led to use in healthcare, agriculture, nursing homes and the food industry for cleaning, sanitising and disinfection of surfaces. 

Applications and Areas of Use 

NQ65 wet wipes are ready for use on work surfaces, metal, glass, plastics, polished surfaces and equipment (including VDU screens) found in; 

•   Healthcare facilities  

•   Food preparation areas  

•   Residential care homes  

•   Schools  

•   Nurseries  

•   Leisure facilities, including gymnasiums 


NQ65 Wipes have been independently tested to BS EN 1276, BS EN 13727, BS EN 14476, BS EN 13704 and BS EN 13697 Standards under dirty conditions and have proven effective against a variety of microorganisms including;  

•   Spores 

•   Food poisoning bacteria

•   Viruses

These ready to use wet wipes leave no smears or residues on surfaces and are suitable for use on electronic equipment, making them safe for use in institutional environments, food preparation areas, offices and the home.