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Omron HeartScan ECG Monitor with Software (HCG-801-E(IU))

Product Code: HCG-801-E(IU)

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HCG-801-E(IU) Omron HeartScan Portable ECG Monitor with Software

The unique features of the single-channel HeartScan ECG Monitor make this a versatile multi-purpose tool for medical professionals. The cordless operation and direct on-screen display allows a quick-scan of the heart condition. The ECG analysis provides information on heart rate, rhythm and the ECG waveform. The single lead recording runs for 30 seconds and includes a multilevel display of deviations from the norm as well as the date and time of the recording, the heart rate and the short-cut analysis. Due to the compact design the device fits in a white-coat pocket or doctor‘s bag.

Features and Benefits

  • The Omron Heartscan is intended for screening and self-monitoring of cardiac events. (under professional supervision)
  • The device can record about 30 seconds of heart rhythm and waveform each time it is activated
  • After recording, the automatic evaluation software will check the collected data
  • Directly after completing the measurement the recorded rhythm strip can be reviewed on the LCD screen
  • For further detailed evaluation the data can be transfered to a PC screen with the ECG-viewer software
  • The SD memory card can store up to 300 recordings offering sufficient space for long-term monitoring
  • The HeartScan is very simple to operate


  • 1 x Omron Heartscan ECG Monitor
  • 1 x Heartscan Software

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