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Ear Popper Pro (EP3000)

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Ear Popper Pro EP3000

Sorry, this product is discontiued.

The EarPopper has been specifically designed to treat middle ear pressure problems, such as Middle ear fluid; Eustachian tube dysfunction; Hearing loss; Ear pain and pressure caused by airline travel; Ear fullness caused by colds, allergies and sinusitis, without the need for medication or grommet surgery.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe, constant, regulated stream of air into the nasal cavity which, when swallowed, is diverted up the Eustachian tube. 
  • Simple and pain-free procedure helps to clear, ventilate and relieve negative pressure in the middle ear.
  • This also drains away accumulated fluids, within the middle ear to drain away naturally, and therefore helps prevent infection.
  • Treatment is provided quickly and easily whilst in the surgery, allowing the patient to instantly return to their normal daily life.
  • Treatment may be repeated as often as required either in the surgery or at home*, thereby providing reassurance to the patient that their ear condition is being treated naturally and drug-free. 
  • Use of the EarPopper by children can prevent the need for a surgery. 
  • The Ear Popper has been clinically proven to provide relief from negative ear pressure which is a main cause of discomfort, pain, dizziness, headaches and hearing loss. 
  • Use of the EarPopper during and following air travel instantly re-balances the pressure within the ear.