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Dermoscopy - The Essentials Book (DE-L-B-100)

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DE-L-B-100 Dermoscopy - The Essentials Book

Written by five dermatologists with vast teaching experience, this book aims to take the mystery out of dermoscopy and make this technique accessible for all dermatologists, GPs and other medical clinicians responsible for diagnosing skin cancer.

This book clearly and concisely explains the principles of this revolutionary technique, how to perform a dermoscopy and how to interpret the results using checklists, algorithms, and brief test descriptions to convey the key messages.

Dr. Guiseppe Argenziano (Italy) is a leader in epiluminescence microscopy. He has published several studies about the subject as well as the books "Epiluminescence Microscopy. A new approach to in vivo detection of Sarcoptes scabiei" and "Epiluminescence microscopy: criteria of cutaneous melanoma progression".
He is well-known for his 7-point checklist for the diagnosis of doubtful melanocytic skin lesions.

  • Contains over 375 colour dermoscopic images with clinical interpretations.


  • Robert Johr
  • H. Peter Soyer
  • Guiseppe Argenziano
  • Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof
  • Massimiliano Scalvenzi