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Huntleigh Dopplex D900 Non-directional Doppler (choose probes)

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Huntleigh Dopplex D900 Non-directional Doppler (choose probes)

Probe not included - please click the Related Items tab for available probes.

The Dopplex D900 is a low cost audio only, non-directional Doppler, principally used for ABPI measurements by community nurses and doctors in their role of leg ulcer management.

The D900 may also be used with obstetric probes as well.

Features and Benefits

  • Clear audio sounds of blood flow or fetal heart
  • Enhanced battery management
  • Compatible with the complete range of Huntleigh Vascular Probes
  • When used with Easy 8 probe, it is excellent for the infrequent user in locating brachial and pedal arteries
  • Large carry bag
  • Headphones included
  • 5 year warranty

High Sensitivity Probes

EZ8 Widebeam 8MHz WIDEBEAM TECHNOLOGY - Allows easy location of vessels. Easier to maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation.
VP4HS 4MHz Detection of deep lying vessels.
VP5HS 5MHz For oedematous limbs and deep lying vessels. Ideal adjunct to Easy8 for ABPI measurements.
VP8HS 8Mhz Detection of peripheral vessels and calcified arteries.
VP10HS 10MHz Detection of smaller vessels in specialist superficial applications.
IPP3 8MHz Re-sterilisable Intraoperative probe. Ideal for most surgical applications.
OP2HS 2MHz Obstetric for fetal heart detection.
OP3HS 3MHz Obstetric for fetal heart detection in early gestation.


Note: Doppler probes must be ordered separately.