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Amplivox 240 Portable Diagnostic Audiometer (240MU)

Product Code: 240MU

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Amplivox 240 Portable Diagnostic Audiometer (240MU)

A totally portable cost-effective diagnostic audiometer, which is ideal for both desktop and mobile use. Capable of AC and BC measurements

The Amplivox 240 offers air and bone conduction audiometry. Standard features include an automatic test function (AC), narrow band masking, an attenuator range up to 120 dBHL and an integral talkover function.

The clearly laid out control panel makes diagnostic testing as simple and straightforward as possible. The threshold retention function reduces test time and gives a higher level of test subject concentration. Results can be saved in memory, printed with the optional printer and/or transferred to a PC with the optional NOAH interface.

Designed to satisfy all domiciliary testing requirements, the Amplivox 240 can be supplied with an optional battery power function in addition to the standard mains power adaptor. Its compact size, minimal weight and power options make this a totally portable diagnostic audiometer.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Compact and portable
  • USB connectivity
  • Threshold retention function
  • Optional insert headphones
  • 11 test frequencies
  • -10 to 120 dBHL range (AC)
  • Optional battery powered feature
  • Automatic AC test functionality
  • NOAH interface application included
Technical Specifications
Output/input data
Outputs: Left AC, Right AC, Bone (L&R) insert masking
Frequency range (Hz): AC: 125-8kHz BC: 250Hz-8kHz
Frequency accuracy: <1%
Output level range (AC): -10dBHL to 120dBHL (max)
Output level range (BC): -10dBHL to 70dBHL (max) Insert masking output: 90dBHL max (250-4kHz)
Output level accuracy: Within 3dB
Output level step size: 5dB
Output transducer options:
Standard audiometric headset and/or optional insert earphones
Tone present: Single, pulsed or warble
AC test: Manual or automatic mode
Masking: Narrowband
Communication: Integral talk forward facility
NOAH interface: Transfer of AC and BC test results
Physical data
Display: 2 lines of 24 characters (backlit)
Power (battery): 4 x 1.5V “C” type batteries
Power (mains): 100-240V ac 50-60Hz
Dimensions (mm): 270 x 175 x 68 high
Weight: 735 grams
The Amplivox 240 conforms to the relevant clauses of the following standards.
Safety: IEC 60601-1
EMC: IEC 60601-1-2
Audiometric: IEC 60645-1
CE mark: Complies to EU Medical Device Directive