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Micro Medical (now CareFusion)

Micro Medical MicroLoop MK8 Spirometer without Software (ML3535)

Product Code: ML3535

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ML3535 Micro Medical MicroLoop MK8 Spirometer without Software

The MicroLoop is highly portable allowing it to be used in physicians offices or for bedside testing. Ease of use is key, and the MicroLoop functions can be easily accessed using the high definition coloured touch screen. The MicroLoop can be connected to Micro Medical Spirometry PC software allowing trending, reporting, and data sharing with your Electronic Health Record and other PFT systems in the Carefusion family including Vmax. Optional pulse oximetry module, allow SP02 and heart rate to measured. Free downloadable bronchial provocation PC software available with full ATS/ERS protocols for challenge testing using the MicroLoop.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully compliant to ATS/ERS 2005 Standard (12)
  • High definition colour touch-screen
  • Fast on-screen textual entry enabling comments and report writing
  • Fully customisable printout format
  • Desktop docking station for battery charging and PC /Printer connection
  • Direct connection to external Hewlett Packard printers with fully customisable printout format
  • Unique contextual Help Screens (language selectable) with dedicated Help Button
  • 41 inspiratory and expiratory indices measurable
  • On-screen graphical child incentive devices
  • Large 2000+ patient test memory
  • Available with Spida 5 Software Package here
  • Internationally recognised on-screen test quality assurance prompts (e.g. slow start, abrupt end etc.) ensuring quality test results
  • Unique ‘today’s testing feature’ - creating a list of patients tested or to be tested
  • Numerous predicted values and languages selectable
  • ‘Lung Age’ assessment and textual result
  • interpretation by ATS (9), BTS-NICE (10) or Enright (11)
  • Body Mass Index and Dyspnoea Score
  • Bronchodilator and/or Steroid assessment
  • Complete with all accessories in a sturdy carrying case

Formerly manufactured by MicroMedical, which is now CareFusion.

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