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Clearview hCG II Pregnancy Test (Box of 20) (507300)

Product Code: 507300

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507300 Clearview hCG II Pregnancy Test (Box of 20)

Clearview HCG II Pregnancy Test is a rapid and reliable test, able to detect pregnancy on the day of a missed period. It is easy to use, with minimal training required and produces results in just 3 minutes. It has a high sensitivity down to 25mlU/ml and a proven accuracy of >99%. It features an inbuilt procedural control, with confirmation that the test has been performed correctly. Each test comes complete with a 'one shot' pipette for the correct specimen volume.

The tests are stored at room temperature, leaving valuable refrigerator space free, and with a long 2 year shelf life, infrequent users need not worry about expiry before use.


  • 20 Pregnancy Test Units
  • 20 Disposable Pipettes
  • 1 Package Insert


  • Method: Lateral flow
  • Time to Result: 3 minutes
  • Sample Size: 100 μl
  • Sample Procedure: pipette
  • Storage: 2ºC - 30ºC
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from manufacture
  • Sensitivity: 25mlU/ml
  • Specificity: 100%
  • Accuracy: >99%
  • Kit Size: 20 Tests
  • Standards: CE Marked