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Roche Urisys 1100 Urine Analyser

Product Code: 3617548001

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Roche Urisys 1100 Urine Analyser

— Fast, accurate urine testing, at the push of a button

Urinalysis can be a valuable diagnostic tool – and a time-intensive one.  Manually evaluating and recording results often takes time away from other important tasks.

The CLIA-waived Urisys 1100 urine analyser makes testing automatic – and fast. Simply push one button, and it evaluates the test strip and prints a patient report. Compared to visual testing, that can give you more time for other things – and help make your lab operations more efficient.

  • Convenient testing, consistent results
    • Eliminates visual inspection and waiting for results
    • Automatic printout ensures consistent reporting of results
    • Optional results downloading eliminates time and errors of manual data entry
    • Error messages help prevent reporting of inaccurate results
  • Proven performance and accuracy
    • Chemstrip technology virtually eliminates vitamin C interference, to help eliminate negatives and prevent missed diagnoses
    • Diffusion and runover protection from a unique layered construction
  • Versatile, efficient testing solution
    • Designed for optimal performance with 10 to 50 tests per day
    • Simple cleaning minimises maintenance needs