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Vitalograph COPD-6 Serial Screening Device with Serial Interface (40850)

Product Code: 40850

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40850 Vitalograph COPD-6 Serial, COPD Screener with Serial Interface

Vitalograph COPD-6 is a simple to use respiratory monitor that measures FEV1, FEV6, and FEV1FEV6 with predicted values, obstructive index and COPD stage indicator.

This device can send to a PDA, PC or Home Hub via RS232 serial transmission of test/session data along with device ID.

Vitalograph COPD-6 is available in 3 other versions with either USB interface, wireless Bluetooth interface or as a standalone unit without PC connectivity.

Features and Benefits

  • For COPD case selection for spirometry with serial transmission of data
  • Early detection of COPD - quickly, simply and accurately
  • Identifies those at risk of COPD at the pre-symptomatic stage to allow early medical intervention and facilitate better clinical outcomes
  • Screens out those whose FEV1 is normal, and who therefore do not have COPD, without the risk of false COPD negatives
  • Facilitates 'case selection' so that spirometry resources can be focused on those most likely to be diagnosed with COPD
  • Monitors COPD patients using their 'number', the obstructive index, FEV1 as a percent of predicted
  • Displays FEV1, FEV6, ratio and % predicted, obstructive index, COPD classification and lung age
  • Built-in quality of blow indicator on a large, easy to read display
  • Easy to clean flowhead
  • Can be used with hygienic SafeTway mouthpieces or a BVF
  • Displays the GOLD COPD classification (stage I - IV) to help recognise the need for a change in the patient's management plan
  • Requires only minimal instruction for use by non-respiratory specialists
  • Supplied complete with:
    • SafeTway Mouthpieces and disposable noseclips
    • Carry Pouch
    • Healthcare Professionals' Guide
    • 2 x AAA Batteries

Transmits the following data:

  • FEV1, FEV6, and FEV1/FEV6 ratio
  • Predicted values for the above
  • Age, gender and height
  • Device ID automatically transmitted with the data
  • Automatically sends data after each blow
  • Can also send session data
  • Time and date of each session
  • Indicates blow quality and number of blows in each session


For full specifications, please download the COPD-6 Range Brochure from the Related Downloads Section.