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Micro Medical SpiroUSB PC Spirometer (ML2525)

Product Code: ML2525

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ML2525 Micro Medical SpiroUSB PC-Based Spirometer

The SpiroUSB plugs directly into the USB port on your PC without the need for any additional docking station or data uploading. The SpiroUSB allows fully featured PC spirometry in 3 easy steps: Plug in your computer to launch Spida 5, click 'New Examination', blow into the SpiroUSB and view results.

The SpiroUSB is supplied with Spirometry PC software Spida 5, allowing Open and Cloosed Loop spirometry, pre and post bronchodilator testing, Incentive spirometry and trending facilities. The databases can be exported for further individual reporting.

Free downloadable bronchial provocation PC software available with full ATS/ERS protocols for challenge testing.

SpiroUSB Spirometer Features

  • Modern USB interface
  • Spirometry PC Software included
  • Up to 58 spirometry indices measured
  • No batteries required
  • Animated incentive to encourage children
  • Configurable printout format
  • Full test quality control messages with on-line tutoring and ATS quality checks
  • Textual representation
  • Simple and fully compliant to ATS/ERS 2005 standards

Spida 5 Spirometry Software Features

  • Individual patient selection for easier testing and work-flow
  • Overlaying of previous test curves for comparison
  • Up to 58 Spirometry indices can be measure - both inspiratory and expiratory
  • Choice of four children's animated incentive displays
  • Fully ATS/ERS 2005 compliant
  • Display of predicted values % predicted and Z scores
  • Powerful, configurable search facility
  • Upload of ALL or individual patients from the spirometer results
  • Configurable printout format
  • Can be easily linked to other patient journal, GP administration systems, occupational health systems or other medical databases
  • Export to PDF, CSV, MS Excel and MS Word
  • On screen spirometer calibration / verification and log of calibration data
  • Powerful trend function
  • Advanced search engine
  • Large choice of predicted values
  • Comprehensive on screen help at the touch of a button
  • Configurable quick start dependent on individual use or national preferences