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Heine Delta 20 LED Dermatoscopes

Heine Delta 20 LED Dermatoscope Set with C Battery Handle (K-256.10.118)

Product Code: K-256.10.118

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K-256.10.118 Heine Delta 20 LED Dermatoscope Set with BETA 2.5V Battery Handle

For many years now, HEINE has been the market leader in dermatoscopy with the benchmark HEINE DELTA20 Dermatoscope. The DELTA20 features full LED illumination with 6 LED's or alternatively lateral illumination with 3 LED's, as well as high-resolution precision achromatic optics. These unique features are the result of continuing research and product development.

For dermatoscopic examination of pigmented skin lesions and early diagnosis of malignant melanoma. Dermatoscopy oil is applied to the skin to make the outer skin layers more transparent. The DELTA20 makes structure changes visible. The differential diagnosis of initial malignant melanoma and other pathologies is made easier and more accurate with DELTA20.

Features and Benefits

  • High-resolution optics with achromatic lens system
  • 10 x magnification, distortion-free edge-to-edge, very large, highly-detailed image
  • LED illumination close to daylight
  • 6 LED's or alternatively, lateral illumination from 3 LEDs for improved contrast
  • Adjustable Eyepiece -- individual focusing, range of correction -6 to +6 dioptres
  • Detailed compendium with photographic atlas included -- simplifies the differential diagnosis of pigmented lesions
  • Digital photography with the dermatoscope -- when combined with the optional adaptor for digital SLR camera

Set Includes:

  • Delta 20 Dermatoscope Head
  • C Battery Handle 2.5V
  • Contact Plate 23mm diameter with scale
  • Dermatoscopy Oil 10ml
  • Dermatoscopy Compendium
  • Hard Case