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3Gen Dermlite III Dermatoscope (Cross- & Non-Polarised) (DE-L-DL3)

Product Code: DE-L-DL3

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3Gen Dermlite III Dermatoscope (Cross- & Non-Polarised) (DE-L-DL3)

The DL3 has been developed to be the tool of choice for the world's leading dermatologists. Precision-engineered and crafted from solid aluminium, it is the first handheld DermLite to integrate a 25mm four-element lens, which offers greatly reduced optical distortion and a sharper image across the field of view, cross-polarized & non-polarized lighting, low-battery indicator, charging base, and a fully enclosed, removable aluminium faceplate spacer.

DermLite DL3 combines the unique advantages of polarized and immersion fluid dermoscopy in one truly refined device that offers superior illumination and optics, solid durability, and, with its ergonomic handle design and single button operation, a degree of convenience that is unsurpassed in a DermLite.

Features and Benefits

  • High-powered diodes for a brighter view in both polarisation modes
    • 21 high powered LEDs for 30% greater illumination over DermLite II HR
    • 7 non-polarised LEDs for immersion dermoscopy - brighter than DermLite II Hybrid
    • One button toggles polarisation modes
    • Hold down to turn unit on/off
  • Unsurpassed focal range, fully enclosed spacer
    • Innovative fully retractable faceplate spacer design and focusing mechanism
    • Spacer includes glass faceplate with 10mm scale
    • Fully enclosed
  • Camera compatible
  • Charging Base & Low Battery Indicator