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Schuco Cryospray

Schuco Cryospray 350ml (SCH-CRY-350)

Product Code: SCH-CRY-350

£548.80 ex. VAT
£658.56 inc. VAT


SCH-CRY-350 Schuco Cryospray 350ml

The Schuco Cryospray offers the ultimate liquid nitrogen spray technology, with maximum ease of use, cost effectiveness and safety.

Features and Benefits

  • The ergonomic design offers easy grip for low fatigue and complete control when administering treatments
  • The stainless steel vacuum container has been designed for ultimate comfort in your hand allowing your fingers to fall comfortably on the trigger
  • The brass collar design offers maximum security and will not deteriorate during the product's lifetime compared to rubber or plastic collar designs
  • Complete with Foam Moulded Canvas Carry Case
  • 5 year warranty


  • Schuco Cryospray 350ml
  • Cone Tip 0.01mm
  • Cone Tip 0.02mm
  • Cone Tip 0.03mm
  • Cone Tip 0.04mm
  • Bent Spray Extension Tip
  • Nozzle Extension
  • Tip Holder
  • Black Canvas Carry Case


  • Cryospray Dimensions: 24cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • Case Dimensions: 17cm x 27cm x 13cm

Please Note:

The Schuco Cryospray must not be used to transport liquid nitrogen. This product is not supplied with liquid nitrogen.