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Respironics Sidestream Nebuliser (Disposable) (4445)

Product Code: 4445

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4445 Respironics Sidestream Nebuliser (Disposable)

Respironic UK’s Sidestream can be used to nebulise all commonly prescribed bronchodilators for respiratory conditions. Aerosol drug effectiveness depends on the quality of its delivery to the lungs. Sidestream achieves 80% of output volume below the critical 5 microns, maximising each dose.

Sidestream produces a flow rate of 16 l/min by utilising a venturi, which draws in room air. This boosts output, reduces treatment time and improves patient compliance. Unlike many other nebulisers, Sidestream will provide consistent drug delivery time after time, which makes Respironic UK’s Sidestream nebuliser the choice for aerosol drug delivery.