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Saline Eyewash for eye irrigation in emergencies. Eyewash bottles for Eyewash Stations and Eyewash Pods for personal issue. Also, Reclens buffered solution optimised for acids and alkalis.

Eyewash Stations
Eyewash Stations are a complete solution for high risk environments. Available in formats suitable for wall mounting or desk placement to ensure easy access to eyewash bottles and pods.

Eye Irrigation Aids
The Morgan Lens allows the eyelid to remain shut during eye irrigation, for greater patient comfort, whilst optional Medi-ducts remove excess eyewash for collection and examination.

Eye Pad Dressings
Sterile eye pad dressings are thick and comfortable for optimum protection following eye injuries.

Foreign Object Removal
Combined Magnetic Eye Loop & Nylon Loop allows removal of magnetic and non-magnetic impurities from the eye.