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Multi Layer Compression Bandage
Multi-layer compression bandaging systems are an alternative to High Compression Bandages for the treatment of venous leg ulcers. Compression is achieved by the combined effects of two or three extensible bandages applied over a layer of orthopaedic wadding and a wound contact dressing

Compression Bandage
High compression products used for management of gross variances, post-thrombotic venous insufficiency, venous leg ulcers and gross oedema in average sized limbs

Cohesive Bandage
Cohesive Bandages adhere to themselves, but not to the skin, and are useful for providing support for sports use, where ordinary stretch bandages may become displaced, and adhesive bandages are inappropriate

Light-weight Conforming Bandage
Lightweight Conforming Bandages are used for dressing retention, with the aim of keeping the dressing close to the wound without inhibiting the movement or restricting blood flow

Support Bandage
Light Support Bandages, which include the various forms of crepe bandage, are used to prevent oedema; they are also used to provide support for mild sprains and joints without exerting undue pressure

Tubular Bandage
Tubular Bandages are available in different forms according to the function required. Some are used under orthopaedic casts, and others for protecting areas to which cream / ointments have been applied. Conformability of elasticated versions makes them well suited to retaining dressings on problem areas or for soft tissue injury

Medicated Bandage
Zinc Paste Bandage has been used with compression bandaging for the treatment of venous leg ulcers. However paste bandages are associated with hypersensitivity reactions and should be used with caution