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Cautery Equipment

Cautery Pens
Fiab Cautery Pens for single patient use with low, medium and high temperatures, and various tip sizes

Battery Operated Cautery
Cordless Cautery Sets with standard or rechargeable batteries for minor procedures. Cautery units from Elemental, Merlin Medical and RB Medical available

Light Duty Cautery
Mains operated Light Duty Cautery Units with Standard or Pistol Grip Handle, from Elemental and RB Medical

Heavy Duty Cautery
RB Medical Heavy Duty Cautery Set for surgery involving greater volumes of blood / tissue to be coagulated. Ideal for gynae / obstetric procedures, outpatient procedures and Miltary Field Hospital use

Ophthalmic Cautery
RB Medical Light Duty Ophthalmic Cautery Set, specially designed for ophthalmic procedures

Cautery Burner Tips
Cautery Burners individually and in sets for Elemental, Merlin and RB Medical Cautery Units

Cautery Accessories
Accessories for Cautery Equipment including Sterile Sleeves, sterilising baskets, mobile trolleys