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Medical Consumables & Disposables

Cotton Wool & Applicator Sticks
Pre-injection Swabs, Topper 8, Cotton Wool Balls, and Applicators

Gauze Swabs
Sterile and non-sterile gauze swabs

Disposable Gloves
Medical gloves made from various materials and designs

Tongue Depressors
Wooden tongue depressors

Paper Products - Couch Rolls, Hand Towels, Toilet Rolls
Couch rolls, hand towels, wiper rolls, toilet rolls and facial tissues

Pulp Products
For general purpose use in surgeries, hospitals and care homes

Incopads and Incontinence Products
Disposable incontinence pads

Wound Preparation
Wound and skin preparation products including saline solution, topical wound irrigation and prep razors

Our most popular plasters

BD Vacutainer System
The complete BD Vacutainer System for blood and urine collection

Butterfly Needles
Venofix A Winged Infusion Sets from B Braun

Needles & Syringes
A range of syringes made by Becton Dickinson

Duracell Batteries, Cell Batteries and Specialist Data Logger Batteries from Teckcell

Sterile Water
General surgery use

Urine Collection
Suitable for urine collection, specimens, samples

Plastic Cups
Drinking cups made from plastic

Pillows & Pillow Covers
Pillow covers are suitable for all healthcare environments from GP surgeries to hospitals and care homes