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Medical Couches

Fixed Height Examination Couches
Fixed height examination couches and rest couches ideal for GP Surgeries. Models available with different heights, options & accessories, and with numerous colour options

Fixed Height Specialist Couches
Fixed height couches incorporating different drawer and cabinet configurations with 2 or 3-section couches on top. Brands including from Doherty, Sunflower, Plinth 2000 and Medi-plinth

Variable Height 2 Section Couches
2-Section medical plinths and couches with hydraulic or electric height adjustment. Available from Sidhil Doherty, Medi-Plinth, Plinth2000 and Sunflower Medical

Variable Height 3 Section Couches
3-Section medical plinths and couches with hydraulic or electric height adjustment. Available from Sidhil Doherty, Medi-Plinth, Plinth2000 and Sunflower Medical

Variable Height 5 Section Couches
Added comfort for patients lying on their front, as the therapist can lower the arm sections to a more comfortable and natural position

Variable Height 7 Section Couches
A number of clever and innovative manipulation orientations, providing a stable platform from which therapists can work

Couch Accessories
Accessories for all our medical couches and plinths from Doherty, Medi-Plinth, Plinth 2000 and Sunflower Medical

Arm and Leg Supports
Superior quality arm and leg rest with height adjustment

Couch Steps
Couch steps to enable patients to climb onto the couch. Please note that some of these steps are only available when purchasing a couch or plinth

Bariatric Couches
Bariatric Couches for maximum user weights of up to 320kg from Doherty and Medi-plinth. Also suitable for physiotherapy and for treating neurological problems

Changing Tables
Designed specifically for use within schools and homes for changing disabled or dependant people

Dialysis Chairs
Designed with comfort in mind for the duration of dialysis

ECG / Ultrasound Plinths
Plinths designed to combine the essential requirements for Echocardiography and Ultrasound

Echocardiography plinth features enable excellent positioning

Gynaecology Couches & Chairs
Medical couches and plinths optimised for gynaecological examinations and procedures, with electric motors for height and tilt

Mat Tables
Sturdy platform for a wide range of uses including the treatment of neurological conditions

Operating Tables
The Medi-Plinth Mobile Operating Table is an extremely stable operating platform ideal for operating theatres. Standard features include electric variable height tilt, handset control and battery backup system

Operator Chairs and Stools
Ergonomically contoured upholstery and adjustable backs

Ophthalmology Chairs
Med-Plinth's Ophthalmology chair is designed with comfort and precise head positioning in mind

Phlebotomy Chairs
Phlebotomy chairs by Medi-plinth and Sidhil Doherty are available in hydraulic or electric versions and come fitted with phlebotomy arms as standard. They also double as 3-section plinths, ideal where space is limited

Podiatry Chairs
Motorised height adjustable lifting chair specifically designed for Podiatry

Portable Couches
Our range of portable couches fold up neatly for taking with you on home visits, mobile clinics, or simply for saving valuable space in smaller consultation rooms and GP surgeries

Spa & Beauty Couches
Stylish shaped super soft upholstery to deliver the ideal couch for a wide range of Beauty Treatments

Tattoo Couches
Adjustable tattoo chairs and couches

Tilt Tables
Tilt tables allow the height and tilt to be controlled electronically for the best treatment position

Traction Tables
Rolling top traction tables, Ideal for both lumbar and cervical traction

Treatment Chairs
Doherty Treatment chairs developed specifically for the modern GP practice and hospital environments