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CryoPen Cyrosurgery Device
CryoPen is a revolutionary cryosurgery device with a cartridge-based cryogen - offering numerous benefits over conventional liquid nitrogen treatments such as accuracy, portability, and improved compliance

Cryosurgery Aerosols
Aerosols for the treatment of most common (benign), skin conditions such as warts, verrucas, skin tags, age spots

Handheld Cryosurgery Systems
Liquid nitrogen delivery system in a compact handheld spray gun for easy and precise application. Brymill, CryoPro and Schuco Cryoguns available

Liquid Nitrogen Storage
Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewars and withdrawal equipment

CryOmega Cryosurgery Device
Ideal for veruccas, warts and skin tags

CryoSuccess Cryotherapy Device
Highly portable, simple and effective handheld cryotherapy device for accurate treatment of skin lesions, making it ideal for general practice, dermatology, podiatry and minor surgery applications

Cryogenic Face Shield
Recommended protection for the safe handling of liquid nitrogen

Cryo-Gloves - Cryogenic Gloves
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the safe handling of liquid nitrogen

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