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Biopsy Punches & Shave Blades
Sterile, single use Biopsy Punches and Biopsy Shave Blades by Schuco, Stiefel and Miltex

Curettes by Stiefel and Miltex are used in dermatology for removal of superficial epidermal lesions by scraping

Dermatoscopes enable clinicians to examine and diagnose skin lesions and melanoma (skin cancer). Our range includes Heine Delta 20 LED and Schuco DermLites Series

Dermoscopy Education & Training
Dermoscopy Books and CDs written and compiled by leading dermatologists. Suitable for GPs, dermatologists and other clinicians responsible for diagnosing skin cancer

Aerosols for the treatment of most common (benign), skin conditions such as warts, verrucas, skin tags, age spots

Dermo-Jet Injector
Dermojet injector for dermatology, vasectomy and rheumatology scar reduction procedures

Skin Care
Moisturisers for re-hydration of all skin types

Skin Models
A series of Skin Models illustrating the skin's structure as well as diseases of the skin including Acne and Skin Cancer

Skin Marker Pens
Pre-Surgical and Surgical Skin Markers from Schuco for demarcation prior to surgery

Hand Held Magnifiers
General Purpose and Dermatological Magnifiers for conducting basic skin examinations

Illuminated Magnifiers
Illuminated Magnifiers for conducting basic deramatological examinations

An affordable portable vein finder for general vein access in adults and children

Woods Lights (UV Lights)
Wood's Lights produce ultraviolet light for dermatological examinations and diagnosing skin conditions. Lights from Daray and Schuco with built in magnifiers

Magic Needles
Ideal for injections of high viscosity