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Diabetes Care

Blood Glucose Meters
FreeStyle Optium Meter for blood glucose monitoring.

Blood Glucose & Ketone Test Strips
Glucoflex-R Test Strips are a proven solution for control of blood glucose levels. They can be read with excellent precision and accuracy whether visually or using a meter

Dextrogel / Glucogel
Dextrose Gels are typically used by diabetics for managing blood glucose levels. Taken orally, they increase glucose in the blood to prevent hypoglycaemia

Hypobox Hypoglycaemia Kit
Created to provide Primary and Secondary care settings with easy to use

Single use lancets for safe and convenient blood letting by patients and medical professionals with a minimum of discomfort

Monofilaments & Sensory Filament Sets
Bailey Monofilament and Owen Mumford Neuropen for monitoring peripheral diabetic neuropathy

Rydel Seiffer Tuning Fork
The Rydel Seiffer Neurological Tuning Fork allows diabetic neuropathy to be monitored by quantifiable assessment of the vibration perception in the feet of diabetic patients

Analysers - HbA1c / A:C
Simple enough to use in your office or clinic, yet powerful enough to deliver lab-quality performance at the point of care

Glucagen Hypokit
The Hypokit is a glucagon hormone injection, which raises the level of glucose in the blood for emergency treatment of hypoglycaemia

Neurothesiometer for detecting the vibration sensitivity threshold at locations at the body surface. Allows monitoring of peripheral neuropathy resulting from diabetes, leprosy and other diseases