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Electrosurgery & Diathermy

Bovie Aaron Electrosurgery
Bovie designed and engineered to be the most reliable and durable generator available today

Ellman Electrosurgery Units
Ellman AcuSect with Radiowave Technology

Eschmann TDB60 Electrosurgery
This lightweight, portable unit gives a controlled, efficient and impressive performance

Hyfrecator 2000
Conmed Hyfrecator 2000, ideal for office based electrosurgery procedures

Schuco 120 Electrosurgery Unit
Schuco 120 uses a KHz frequency wave to cut the skin, producing next to no heat. Intended for minimally invasive surgical procedures, schuco 120 does everything that the Hyfrecator does

Schuco 120 Accesories
For use with Schuco electrosurgery units

Smoke Extraction Systems
Smoke Evacuators remove hazardous smoke plumes resulting from electrosurgery