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ENT Equipment

Guardian Projet 101 Ear Irrigator & Accessories
Guardian Projet 101 Ear Irrigator

Propulse Ear Irrigator
The Propulse NG Ear Irrigation and accessories for all models including propulse irrigators I, II and III

ENT Consumables
Single use Chelmed Noots Ear Tanks and other consumables for use during ear irrigation

ENT Instruments
A range of reusable and single use instruments for ENT procedures from Instrapac, Instramed and propulse

ENT Mirrors
The Bramber Head Mirror is an essential GP accessory, designed for prolonged use

ENT Diagnostic Sets
Diagnostic Sets with tongue depressor holders, specifically designed for ENT examinations

Head Lamps
Head lamps are an essential aid during ENT examinations and procedures

Medical Tuning Forks
Gardiner Brown Tuning Forks for simple hearing tests. Available individually or as a boxed set of 6 forks