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Family Planning / Sexual Health

A huge selection of male condoms, female condoms and dams by durex and pasante. Available with different textures, colours, flavours, thickness and designs in large Clinic Packs of 72 and over

Contraceptive Pills
A comprehensive range of Hormonal Contraceptive Pills with combinations to suit your patient

Condom Demonstrators
Condom demonstrators are an effective teaching tool for sex education classes in schools and colleges. Condomi and Pasante demonstrators are available in different colours

Diaphragms & Caps
Omniflex and Reflexions Flat Spring Diaphragms from sizes 55mm to 95mm in 5mm steps. Practice Diaphragms and Fitting Sets are also available for gauging size

IUDs Intrauterine Devices
Coils and IUCDs suitable for day-to-day contraception as well as emergency contraception

Injections, Implants, Patches
Alternative methods of contraception including Dep-provera injection, Evra Patch and Nexplanon Implant

Instillagel & Instillaquill
Instillagel Anaesthetic Lubricant in 6ml and 11ml sizes with applicators for gynaecological procedures

Gels & Lubricants
A selection of lubricants including K-Y jelly, PELijelly, Aquagel and Comfigel for use during gynaecological procedures and examinations

HIV Testing
Insti HIV Rapid Antibody Testing Kit

Pregnancy Tests
Pregnancy tests by Check-Mate, Clearview, Comfitest and Pregtest

Procedure Packs
IUD Fitting / Removal Packs, Implant Insertion / Removal Packs

Single Use Instruments
Sterican Dental Needles and other instruments for gynaecological procedures

Gygel Spermicide Gel for use with barrier contraceptives such as condoms, diaphragms and cervical caps