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Dressings First Aid

Adhesive Dressing Sheet
Dressing retention sheet, conforms well around awkward areas, will flex with body movements

TraumaFix Dressing
Dressings for Trauma Wounds, highly absorbent pressure bandages

Sterile Dressings
Sterile wound dressings protecting wounds from infection

Non Adherent Dressing Pads
The dressing is low-adherent with high absorbency

HSE Dressings
Sterile dressings ideal for almost all first aid emergencies

Finger Dressings
Low adherent dressing pad secured with stretch bandage and adhesive strip

Fabric Dressing Strip
Cut to length dressing strip

Cotton Wool
For dressings and woundcare

Compressed Dressing
Ideal for use in confined space, a cotton dressing is secured by a cotton bandage

Ambulance Dressing
Sterile Ambulance Dressings designed for use on wounds by first aiders, paramedics and the emergency services.

Adhesive Dressings
Low allergy adhesive dressing, with highly absorbent central pad which has Relipad low-adherence technology

Washproof Dressing Strip
Cut to length washproof dressing strip