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Medical Trolleys

Dressing Trolleys
For hospital instruments, dressings and for anaesthetists use

Surgical Trolleys
Surgical Trolleys made from glass and steel, Ideal for use in hospitals, GP surgeries and health centres

Storage Trolleys
Medical storage trolleys for GPs, nurses and surgeons

Multipurpose Trolleys
General purpose trolleys

Space Saving Trolleys
Trolleys designed to utilise space under fixed height couches

Procedure Trolley
Versatile solution to storage and manoeuvring medical equipment

Phlebotomy Trolleys
For Phlebotomists in doctors’ surgeries clinics and hospitals

Hygiene Centre Trolleys
Designed to reduce the risk of hospital based cross infection between departments, patients, visitors and health care workers

Resuscitation Trolleys
The Medisco Emergency Resuscitation Trolley range is efficient, systemised and flexible. Designed to suit every budget

Ward Drug Trolleys
Suitable for storage and dispensing of drugs & medicines

Medical Notes Trolleys
Designed to provide a complete solution for storing, distributing and accessing medical notes and X-Rays

Medical Records Transfer Trolleys
Records transfer trolleys are aesthetically pleasing, hygienically designed and easy to access, while being functional, strong, secure and easy to clean

Medicine Trolleys
Secure, efficient and a convenient system for storing and distributing medicines

Drugs Trolleys
Trolleys suitable for the distribution of drugs & medicines from Pharmacy. Secure drug delivery to wards using lockable boxes

Monitored Dosage System (MDS) Trolleys
Trolley to administer blister pack drugs and storage of drugs in hospitals, nursing homes and health care centres

Unit Dosage System (UDS) Trolleys
For individual patient prescriptions and drug storage in hospitals, nursing homes and health care centres

Heavy Duty Supplies Trolleys
Heavy duty sterile supplies trolleys for transportation of instrument trays

Housekeeping Trolleys
The mild steel frame has a magnolia epoxy coating for durability and cleanliness. The epoxy incorporates BioCote®, a silver oxide antibacterial coating which helps to reduce the risk of cross infection

Linen Trolleys
Compact mild steel linen trolleys

Trolley Chartboard
Variable height chart trolleys. Angle adjustable chart board fitted with two sprung loaded clips

Room Dividers, Workstations
Fixed height mobile room divider/workstation ideal for use in critical care areas

Cylinder Trolleys & Cylinder Storage
Cylinder Trolleys & Cylinder Storage