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Instillagel & Instillaquill
Instillagel is an anaesthetic anti-septic lubricant for minor procedures, applied using instillaquill applicators

Gels and Lubricants
Aquagel, K-Y Jelly, PELIjelly and Comfigel luricants in tubes or sachets for gynaecological procedures. Also Durex Sensilube vaginal moisturiser

Vaginal Speculums
Vaginal speculums for gynaecological examinations and procedures by Instramed, Instrapac, ComfiRange and Pelican. Includes the fibre optic PELIspec lighting system

Gynaecology Instruments
A wide range of single use gynaecology instruments for gynaecological procedures by Instramed, Instrapac, ComfiRange and Pelican

Gynaecology Procedure Packs
Single use Procedures Packs for vaginal examinations and IUD fitting, from Instramed, Instrapac, ComfiRange and Pelispec

Gynaecology Sampling
Gynaecological sampling kits for taking endometrial samples and endocervical samples. Schuco Cytotec Cytology Fixative fixes and protects smears for later analysis

Pessary Rings
Portia Flexible PVC Pessary Rings in sizes from 50mm to 95mm in 5mm increments

Silver Nitrate Sticks
Caustic Applicators for treatment of warts

Vaginal Trainers
Ameille Comfort Vaginal Trainer Set for treatment of sexual disorders such as vaginismus and dyspareunia

The Carl Zeiss 150 FC Colposcope meets specifications for a top class colposcope, with hight intensity fibre optic, one-handed operation, 5 step magnification and wide field fo view

Gynae Examination Lights
Examination Lights suitable for gynaecological examinations

RB Medical Heavy Duty Cautery Set for surgery involving greater volumes of blood / tissue to be coagulated. Ideal for gynae / obstetric procedures