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Infection Control

Face Masks Type IIR Fluid Resistant & Others
Type IIR Fluid Resistant and other types of FFP2 and FFP3 respirator masks.

Face Shields
Disposable and general pupose face-shields

Hand Sanitisers
Hand sanitisers from Guest Medical, Clinell, Cutan, Purell, Spirigel and others. Gel or foam presentation in pump dispensers, 'tottles' and sprays top bottles

Hand Wash & Soap Dispensers
Liquid and foam soap for hand cleansing with water. Soaps and dispenser from Cutan, Gojo, Hibi and Purell

Disinfectant Hand Wipes
Clinell Wipes universal sanitising wipes for disinfecting and cleaning hands, as well as surfaces and equipment!

Disinfectant Spray and Liquid
Disinfectant sprays for rapid disinfection of hard surfaces

Surface Disinfectant Wipes
Disinfectant wipes for hard surfaces, including Azowipes, Sani-cloth and Clinell sanitising wipes

Alcohol Free Wipes
Our alcohol free wipes from Clinell are ideal for general purpose cleaning and damp dusting. Completely free from alcohol and disinfectants

Cleaning Solutions & Tablets
Water soluble Actichlor disinfectant tablets and Milton sterilising fluid, effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores

Patient Wipes
Designed for everyday heavy duty cleaning tasks, they are ideal for use in hospitals and residential care homes

Computer Peripherals - Washable
Clinell's range of waterproof, washable computer accessories.

Hand Wash Training
Hand bugs hand wash training kits are the ideal method of assessing how effective your washing technique is

Infectious Disease & Ebola Isolation Pods
Providing safe transportation and isolation of infectious or contaminated patients. Ideal for transport and isolation of confirmed or suspected ebola patients

Moisturisers & Skin Conditioners
Moisturising lotions - ideal for use after alcohol hand sanitisers

Surgical Scrub
Videne and HiBiScrub pre-surgical scrubs containing povidone-iodine or chlorhexidine gluconate

Spill Kits
Guest Medical Spill Kits and Spill-Paks for all types of spillage from Urine and Vomit to Cytotoxic Drugs and Mercury

Hand Dryer
Hand dryers from Warner Howard with 3 year on site warranty.