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Medical Lighting

Pen Lights & Clip Lights
Diagnostic Penlights and ClipLights for general examinations from Daray, Heine and Welch Allyn

Examination Lights
A wide range of medical examination lights available with different mounting options, from leading brands including Brandon, Daray, Heine, Luxo and Welch Allyn

Minor Surgery Lights
A wide range of Minor Surgery Lights including halogen and LED models, suitable for minor procedures and examinations in GP surgeries and hospitals. Lights from Brandon, Daray, Luxo and Welch Allyn

Operating Theatre Lights
Mobile and ceiling mounted Operating Theatre Lights with exceptional movement and rotation range. Halogen and LED models available from Brandon and Daray Medical

Fibre Optic Lighting Systems
Heine Fibre optic lighting systems produce very intense light without heat, from an exceptionally small head, making them ideal for examinations or minor procedures which require light in a restricted area

Magnifying Lights
Illuminated Magnifiers from Brandon Medical, Daray and Luxo. Suitable for a range of applications requiring close-up examinations such as chiropody, dermatology, forensics, pathology and many other areas

Patient Lighting
Patient bed-head / reading lights, available in halogen and LED versions with various mounting options from Daray and Luxo

Woods UV Lights
Wood's Lights produce ultraviolet light for dermatological examinations and diagnosing skin conditions. Lights from Daray and Schuco with built in magnifiers

Head Lights
LED and fibre optic headlights for medical examinations and minor procedures from Daray, Heine, Opticlar and Welch Allyn

Loupe Lights
LED Loupe lights for Heine Binocular Loupes

Task Lights
Task Lights with various fittings for the office, Study, desk, table and walls

Light Sources
LED and Fibre Optiic Xenon light sources, suitable for both outpatient examinations and lengthy surgical procedures

X-ray Viewers
Daray DX4100 Series X-ray Viewers with variable intensity, available in single, double, triple and quad panel sizes

Light Accessories
Mounting brackets, stands, filters and other accessories for our range of medical lighting

Replacement halogen bulbs for our range of medical lighting