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Keeler Loupes

Keeler Mini Loupes
Keeler's most compact and lightweight surgical loupes with 2.5x magnification

Keeler Standard Loupes
Keeler Standard Surgical Loupes available in 2.5x and 3.0x magnifications

Keeler Hi-Res Loupes
Keeler Hi-Res Loupes offer a brighter and larger field of view than Standard Loupes, with 3.0x magnification

Keeler K-LED Loupe Light System
The new keeler loupe light is one of the smallest and lightest available today

Keeler Loupe Frames Only
Stylish, comfortable and attractive, the new Keeler frame is available in a choice of bright colours and can be adapted to all prescriptions

Keeler Headband
The Keeler Headband is ideal for extended periods of surgery when used with Keeler Loupes and or K-LED Lighting system