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Professional Ophthalmoscopes
Professional Ophthalmoscopes designed to ensure ultimate control

Integral soft brow rest increases comfort and protects examiners spectacles

Ophthalmic Mirrors
Ophthalmic mIrror for viewing reversible test types

Volk Lenses
For superior high magnification viewing and treatment of the optic nerve head and macula

Eye Test Charts
For eye sight tests

Illuminated Eye Test Charts
For eye sight tests

Reading Tests
A modern version traditional eye tests

Colour Vision Tests
Quickly differentiates between congenital and acquired defects

Slit Lamps
The ophthalmic practitioner's choice for anterior segment and retinal examination

Enables operators to take fast and accurate IOP measurements with minimal training

Trial Frames & Lens Sets
This high quality yet economically priced trial lens set is ideal for the new practitioner or for upgrading an existing practice

Vision Screeners
Test for vision disorders, refractive error, visual acuity, depth perception, colour vision, lateral and vertical phoria and peripheral vision

Ophthalmic Surgery
Light duty cautery set for use in ophthalmic procedures