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Pulse Oximeters

Paediatric Pulse Oximeters
Specifically designed for children

Finger Pulse Oximeters
Fingertip pulse oximeters from top brands including Daray, BCI, Merlin and Nonin - the inventor and world leader in fingertip oximetry

Hand Held Pulse Oximeters
Digital hand held pulse oximeters are suitable for continuous patient monitoring over longer periods. They include many more features than fingertip oximeters and large easy-to-read displays

Table Top Pulse Oximeters
Easy to Use, bright LED displays and large screen for easy readability from across the room

Wrist Pulse Oximeters
Pulse Oximeters that can be worn on the wrist for continuous monitoring. Their extremely compact size give greater freedom for increased patient compliance

Accessories for our range of fingertip, hand held and wrist-worn pulse oximeters