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Respiratory Care

Asthma & COPD Respiratory Monitors
Range of monitors, each designed to meet your particular testing requirements

Carbon Monoxide Monitors
Diagnostic tools for measuring alveolar Carbon Monoxide in PPM concentrations

Inhaler Training & Inspiratory Flow
Inhaler Training devices including the NEW Vitalograph AIM Inhalation Monitor

Volume Spacers
For Use With Metered Dose Inhalers

Oxygen Masks & Tubing
Multi-purpose masks for high concentration oxygen therapy as well as aerosol and nebuliser therapy

Peak Flow Meters
Peak Flow Meter for monitoring asthma and respiratory diseases

Respiratory Pressure Meter
The Micro Medical Respiratory Pressure Meter assesses the strength of respiratory muscles.

Range of spirometers, each designed to meet your particular spirometry needs in testing various lung conditions

CPAP SleepCube Range
Auto adjusting PAP device with SmartFlex expiratory relief comfort feature suitable for performing overnight titrations in hospital or at home

Cough Assist Machine
Philips Resironics CoughAssist Mechanical Insufflator-Exsufflator simulates a natural cough

Oxygen Concentrators
Delivers oxygen supply at the touch of a button

Cylinder Trolley & Storage
General purpose cylinder trolleys, suitable for Care Home/Hospice, Hospitals

Mucus Clearance
Clement Clarke Flutter mucus clearance device