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Oxygen Masks & Tubing

Nasal Cannula
Clement Clarke Easy-Flow Nasal Cannula - Soft, secure, discreet, anti-crush oxygen delivery system

Oxygen Tubing
Clement Clarke Secur-I-Tube - safe, anti-crush, high pressure tubing for nebulisation and oxygen therapy

High Concentration Non Rebreathe Mask
Clement Clarke Trauma Care Masks for high concentration oxygen therapy. Non-re-breathing device, with partial conversion to a re-breathing mask

Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask
Clement Clarke Recovery Oxygen Masks provide maximum patient comfort and unsurpassed performance

Combination Mask (Duo Mask)
Clement Clarke multi-purpose masks for high concentration oxygen therapy as well as aerosol and nebuliser therapy

Venturi Mask - Fixed Concentration without Tubing (24-60%)
Clement Clarke Economy Venturi Masks deliver the prescribed oxygen concentrations irrespective of the patient's respiratory pattern. Also suitable for humidity aerosol therapy