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Scales & Measures

Body Measuring Rods
For height measurements

Rulers & Callipers
Ideal for measurement of lesions etc

Column Scales
Column scales made by Marsden, Nagata, SECA and Soehnle

Floor Scales
Modern, traditional and digital, analogue display scales

Non-Medical Scales for Home & Fitness Use Only
Seca's personal range of scales are for home use only and are not suitable for use in healthcare settings

Lifter Scales / Hoists
For weighing bedridden patients in hospitals, residential and nursing homes

Measuring Tapes
For measuring circumference and length

Height Measures
Suitable for a wide range of medical environments

Health Monitors
Keito M8 health monitors for weight, height, BMI, blood pressure and pulse rate readings. Available with or without tokem operation

Paediatric Measuring Instruments
Well-suited for hospitals and clinics, particularly neonatology and paediatrics

Body Composition Monitors & BMI Calculator
Body fat and Body Mass Index calculators

Diet Scales
Operation of these scales with the TARE function is wonderfully simple

Chair Scales
Ease of use and security for small children, ambulatory elderly, frail and handicapped patients

Multifunction & Wheelchair Scales
Well-suited for hospitals and clinics, particularly geriatrics, gynaecology, nephrology, orthopaedics, nursing homes, retirement homes and rehabilitation centres

Organ, Diaper & Swab Scales
Suitable for use in the food industry, factories, hospitals and agriculture

Bed & Dialysis Scales
Precise weighing of bedridden patients and is an indispensable aid in dialysis and intensive care